1 Way to Level Up Your Workout

Disclosure (an awesome song) and other legal mambo jumbo (see what I did there?):

Yo, I love that you are so curious about leveling up on these workouts. First things first, I hope you’re loving the content here. And before we dive in, my legal team (aka Tikka cat), says that it’s important you know that I may earn a small kickback to links within this post. This helps me to keep up with Tikka’s fab lifestyle, obvi. That said, your trust means the world to me and I only recommend what I personally use. I can’t wait to hear how you level up with this too! Let’s dance!

Do you want to level up your workouts?

Of course you do! I know it may seem like this is out of left field, but headphones can be a game changer! I never thought I could find something that would work for my workouts, cleaning house, and teaching online dance fitness…but I did!

The struggle WAS real…

As a fitness instructor, it’s essential to have clear audio and mic for classes. I invested time and spent money options that didn’t hold up.  Some people may not want to invest into ear buds, and I have to say I was one of them. I was skeptical at one time, but once I migrated to teaching 100% virtual, I needed something that worked flawlessly. Thankfully, my hubby researched Bluetooth headphones and surprised me with the best ones for our anniversary.

Introducing my ear buddies!

Allow me to introduce you to my fave ear bud(dies): TOZO T10!  I started using TOZO T10 in August, and I haven’t looked back since. They are wireless earbuds that come with a charging station.

Using wireless ear buds, allow you to focus completely on your workout and remove other distractions. This is especially helpful for virtually working out at home. There’s something about them that I feel like I’m actually in person with the instructor. Which I miss terribly… and I miss seeing my students face-to-face, too.

Me with my ear buddies!
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Workout Code: Pros + Cons

I’m not sure if there is a workout code like girl code or bro code, but I am making this a thing. I want to be transparent about these ear buddies. As with most new things, there is a learning curve.

Here are a some of the selling points and things for consideration before investing in your new buds!

I recommend them if you:

  • can keep up with them. They have a great charging case but I have almost lost them multiple times. Discipline is key here: put it back in the case after you use them. Trust me. One of my earbuds grew legs and took a walk in the garden.
  • don’t mind wearing a headband (somewhat loose)…who knew ear sweat was a thing? Yes, super sexy, I know. If you are a head banger or like to add some sass into your routine, these things may end up falling out. I have a few fave headbands that I stick with. Note, not everyone will have to wear a headband. Yay!
  • like paying less than $40 for ear buds. Yes, seriously. They are less than $40.
  • want variety of colors: khaki (like rose gold), black, white, blue, and gray.

I do not recommend them if you:

  • use hearing aids that have Bluetooth options. I personally do not have hearing aids, but have had a few instructors say that they didn’t fit their needs. Some hearing aids have a Bluetooth option, which in that case, could be a quick win for you to connect during your workout. I’m not ruling these out entirely because these could still be an option for you.
  • are teaching using a Chromebook and zoom. There seems to be an issue with connecting Chromebook and sharing sound via zoom. This is not the same if you are taking a class and connecting your Bluetooth to the Chromebook.
  • are not willing to learn new things. Once you get it, ya get it but the road to figuring it out was a bit frustrating. The instructions leave much to be desired.
    • For students, connecting to your device to Bluetooth functions can be set up with some dedicated time.
    • Instructors, I truly believe you will connect the Bluetooth, zoom, music, volume, etc. in no time!

Where to find these ear buddies…

These are available for purchase on Amazon’s website. Search TOZO T10 or TOZO10. More than likely, there are newer models out there. For now, this works for me and I’m sticking with what works.

Let’s get to work!

I am beyond thrilled that I found something that works for my many needs: working out, teaching dance fitness, and rocking out during my cleaning parties. As they find ways to improve ear buds, I’m sure I’ll upgrade. However, I am enjoying these from price point, khaki color, and the sound.

If you found this helpful, may I ask that you consider sparkling Pinterest, Facebook, or Insta with this quick review? And if you purchased them, let me know what you love about them.

Cheers to leveling up your workouts and house cleaning parties! See you in class my friends.