Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

Where do I register for classes? Head on over to the calendar tab to get set up with class registration. You will receive an email with the class details. Add your cell phone into the form for a text reminder.

What class formats do you teach? We are so glad you asked! We are currently teaching Balletone, Ballroom HIIT, LaBlast Fitness, and Stretch+Slay. You can read more about each class format here. From time to time, we have pop up classes (tap class) or class series like Strength+Slay. We can’t wait to dance with you soon!

What is your dance background? We love these questions! Read more about us here!

What are your tips for the first class? Def read through these questions, and check out the How to Guide: 8 Steps to Your First Online Dance Fitness Class! The guide is helpful for anyone who is ready to level up, too.

What do you use to stream classes? We use ZOOM to live stream classes. It is required that each class have a unique password. When you register, you will get a ZOOM ID and Password sent to the email you used to register.

Do I have to show my video during class? No! This is completely optional. If you have low bandwidth, it can improve quality if you don’t share. Translation: You could be better off not showing your video! That means you can let your hair down and really dance! When you log on, it will automatically turn off your video and mute you. You can take yourself off mute and show video before/after class if you’d like! Trust us, there are reasons we do this!

When do I need to join class? We recommend joining at least 10 minutes prior to class, especially your first class. We want to help you check the tech so it’s not causing you extra sweat!

What device should I use to stream class? Class is best when you can see the screen. I recommend streaming from your desktop, laptop, or tablet. Some students have had success with using projectors or connecting their phone to the TV using an HDMI cable. Whichever device you choose, charge it! Zoom drains your battery.

What ear buds do you use? Amanda is currently using TOZO T10. You can read more about them in 1 way to level up your workout.

What if I don’t see my question on here? If you didn’t see your question here, please holla at us. We want to help you get set up for success!