Our Tribe

Dancing is more than a verb or noun.
It’s a feeling. Dancing feeds the soul.

What is this tribe? This tribe (community / group) is about amazing peeps, like you, dancing through life and living to the fullest!

If you feel this, there is a space for you. There are others, just like you, who want to connect and dance with YOU.

Who is this for? Whether you are new to dance or danced since Elvis twerked those hips, this group is for you! Ok, maybe he wasn’t twerking, but you knew what I meant, right? Is thrusting more appropriate? LOL.

What’s in it for me? Get your dance on! is a group where we connect outside of class through a social media group. Join this group and access a welcoming community of dancers who are here to support each other and vibe high!

What’s it like in the community? The community will have glitter bombs droppin’ in there. I love to sparkle the world with love and sunshine. Seriously. This group is meant to be like the first sip of coffee in the morning, the sunshine on your face, and some of your favorite things. I post class times, reminders, and updates in here too.

Let's Dance!

What about trolls? I deeply respect each human life, including internet trolls. Period. It’s okay if our views do not align. I ask that you quietly unfollow or leave the group if you feel that this space no longer resonates with your energy. The community is to build and lift each other up. If anything does not align to the high vibin’ atmosphere, each situation will be evaluated with the appropriate action so that we can all THRIVE.

I love to have FUNNN and I want this community to THRIVE. Please be kind to others as I believe we are all doing our complete best. I invite you to use this space to build relationships, share your successes, and be YOU. I created this group to get excited about progress, love others, and overcome challenges.

Dancing is more than a verb or noun. It’s a feeling. Dancing feeds the soul. If you feel this, there are other people who want to connect and dance with YOU.