ZYIA Affiliate Program


YASSSS!!! I love all things ZYIA, but…

  • I feel like it doesn’t fit in the budget
  • I can’t imagine spending $___ on clothing
  • I like the idea of discounts, exclusives, and credits towards purchases

If you like paying full price for everything and like keeping cool things a secret, this probably isn’t for ya. Because this program is for peeps who like sharing and earning special rewards! Is this you? Well, leggo! Let’s not waste another minute!

Introducing the affiliate program!

Affiliate program? Say WHAT? Yes, this is a fancy word that means you earn rewards by shopping and sharing a link with your besties. Here’s how it works:

What’s the catch?  See, I knew you and I would get along famously. There isn’t a “catch.” There are a few things that help you achieve the best bang for your bra. I’m obsessed with the Allstar bra and couldn’t resist the opportunity to weave that into the conversation.

After you get your affiliate link, you’ll get some additional love in your inbox from me to help you get started.

FAQs Amanda’s Affiliate Program

I’ll answer questions like these more in depth:

  • How much does it cost to be an affiliate? Nada. Nothing. Zilch. There isn’t a fee associated with being an affiliate member.
  • Is there a minimum amount before I can earn rewards? Yes, you’ll need at least 3 orders, or a total of $200 (before tax and shipping).
  • What kind of rewards can I earn? You can earn: street cred, zyia credits, and discounted items! I’ll send you a quick tip sheet so you can map out your goals.
  • What if I want to translate this into a side hustle or add to my biz? Yas! Let’s explore this opportunity together! I want to “do you a solid” before we jump into leggings first. Our team (shout out to the Passionate Team) has a special on-boarding process so that we are set up for success!

Let’s get started so you can earn some goodies!!!